Current and past projects, events and highlights from world of internet and technology.
Current and past projects, events and highlights from world of internet and technology.

Follow the trends of internet marketing and become responsive as others!

Modernize your website with a new approach, become responsive every step of the way, and raise your presentation to the international level!

If the term »responsive website« is new for you, don't worry, we can guarantee, you are not the only one! In about 20 seconds, you will know exactly what this term means and you will have enough knowledge and you will be able to debate about responsive sites at business meetings and parties.


Responsive website or Responsive web design (RWD) is a new approach of web designing.  The most important feature of the RWD is that the website is adjusted to different kinds of devices and platforms and when in designing phase, it also doesn't duplicate the making of desktop and mobile websites. Instead, its development is happening for screens of different sizes and devices of different performances at the same time (from mobile phones to laptops). It enables an adjustable website position, dynamic pictures that change according to different screen dimensions, effortless reading, turning and moving on all devices and the navigation with the minimal size adjustment.


The background of a responsive website is made from different vertical columns with a newsfeed which, with the help of recognizing different kinds of resolutions, deploys columns in a way that they enable the most optimal display on smaller or bigger screens. The responsive website works normally on all of the most popular browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome) and on phone operational systems (Symbian OS, Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS and Windows Phone OS).


Are you sure your users don't use mobile devices to visit your website? Do you really think that while waiting in waiting rooms, in lines at the bank or maybe at their hairdressers, they don’t go through your website? If you are 100 % positive that not, optimisation is the reason they finally will!

At we don't just ensure you new users but with the responsiveness, you will also improve SEO because browsers memorize the choice of keywords, with the help of which users found the website in the first place. If your users access the website from mobile devices, it often happens that because of the disabled access, they immediately leave the site and keep looking for a better one. With this, you have earned an even worse rating and lower hit ranking! Do not let your competition beat you because of the implemented responsiveness! What if you will be the first one to have a responsive website? Does this mean a step further?


Specific website dimensions are in the past, at, we offer you an efficient layout and create websites of the future! Our responsive websites have a platform for all kinds of devices, including those, which will be released in the future. The novelty of responsive websites is also the fact that you don’t need to buy a new editorial port because we modify it with the help of a current one. Save some time, money and technical complexity and include responsiveness in the renovation process! Don’t put it off for too long, your neighbour might have already chosen the responsive website and found the solution to the problem!


Despite the mass use abroad, only a small percent of users in Slovenia are using the responsiveness method. Some of them have already trusted our experts at The internet marketing trend has already been picked up by excellent wine producers – Mulec Winery, online store of Children’s book club – Ciciklub, united gastronomy, ecology, sports and culture – KULeBIKE,, which has shown an increase of mobile devices users and modern, profitable bank with tradition - Nova KBM, which is in the implementation phase!


Speaking from experience we believe that your website also wants to be updated and shown in all dimensions in a right form!

Click on this video of a responsive website!